Klipdrif Stud

In 1984, Bennie Marais bought the property and started a Boarding Stud from scratch known today as Klipdrif Stud. Having previously been a dairy farm, the stud infrastructure had to be newly developed.

Mares were recommended to Klipdrif Stud by Dr Tommy Foulkes and within 2 years Klipdrif had more than 35 clients, including the well known Birch Brothers.

Nearly 30 years later, Klipdrif Stud is one of the best kept studs in the country with smart, well-constructed buildings, neat post-and-rail fencing and immaculately cut lawns, with all staff now living on the farm.

With the Stud principles based on honesty, sincerity and hard work they have won the loyalty of their clients, both big and small.

Unlike most Boarding farms, Klipdrif Stud does not stand any private mares and is purely a boarding facility with all attention being given to the clients’ horses.

Both seasonal and permanent boarding mares are taken on, as well as sales prep projects for outside clients.

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Shane van Zyl

Shane van Zyl  joined the Klipdrif Stud team in 1994 and has been the Stud Manager for more than 20 years.

His early involvement with American Saddle horses led to his great love a passion for horses.

He enjoys watching the racing especially our clients horses and those born and raised here at Klipdrif Stud. 

Shane has many years of experience in the breeding of mares and their foaling down, which he loves. 

He keeps a close eye on the well-being of the foals and ensures that all vaccinations and inoculations are done timeously. 

He is a true master in all aspects when it comes to sales-prepping the yearlings. 

He thoroughly enjoys the horse industry.

Bennie Marais

Bennie’s passion and love for horses began at the early age of 10 and although there were no direct racing connection in the family he was always a keen rider and showed American Saddlers.

After leaving school, Bennie worked night shifts for the local vet, Dr Tommy Foulkes, where he gained plenty of experience, often foaling down the mares.  It was here where Dr Foulkes, seeing the need for one within the community, would encourage Bennie to start a boarding stud.

Having grown up on a wine farm across the road from the Klipdrif farm, Bennie  decided to soon buy the property in 1984 and started from scratch the Klipdrif Stud farm. 

Bennie’s core beliefs have added to the success of the Boarding Stud. ‘We believe in top class feeding, deworming and farrier work, but we leave the horses outside day and night, summer and winter. We try not to pamper them too much and keep things as natural as possible.’